Written Works

This is a list of novels.  Most of them, I have done actual work for.  All of them enough are far enough along that I’m pretty confident I’ll write them eventually.  As to how published they’ll be, that I can’t say.

Eventually (very eventually), these will have their own pages and such.


  • Blood Collector – Half a first draft, will be rewriting in July
  • Bloodlines: The Last Free Dragon (start of a longer series) – Multiple first draft attempts.  I need more wordbuilding and planning
  • Paragons: Rising – Finishing 1st draft of revised series
  • Paragons: Untitled – Sketchy plans, will probably write this year
  • Paragons: Nexus – Sketchy plans, will probably write this year


  • Endless Nights – Sketchy plans
  • Haverford Lane – Half a first draft, will be rewriting soon
  • Reflections – Central idea, incubating 


  • Sensei’s Story (start of a SciFi series) – First draft complete
  • Survivors – First draft complete


  • The Ultimate Showdown of Mediocre Destiny 2: Subtitle Forthcoming – First draft complete

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