Winter Writing Goals

So, I think having concrete goals, and announcing them to the world, would help.  If I just keep them to myself, then I can pretend that they don’t exist, or make excuses for why I don’t meet them.  That’s much harder when other people, even if only theoretically, have read and know about your goals.

Not that I have many for the next few months.  Writing is a slow process, I think, even when you write as fast as I can.  Goals are still measured in months for new content.

  • Finish Current WIP – The end of February looks like just the right time for this goal.  Two months to write a novel, a rough first draft of one anyhow, should be more than enough (for me).  I can write quickly and maintain the pace, it’s just a matter of actually doing so.
  • Write a few short stories – Five seems like a good number.  Why?  Just because.  Writing short stories can be a good diversion, if they stay short.  And they had better.
  • Read through NaNo work – This is a beginning of March activity.  It will have been three months since I wrote it, which isn’t long, but since I will have written another novel in between, I think it’s okay.  Light editing okay, but nothing that takes long.
  • Find a beta reader – For what story? Good question.  I don’t know yet.  Either work going into editing or my one getting written.

So yes, goals.  Now to work towards them.  It’s been a slow start this month.  I’m only 10k into SS1 (though I’ve had to work OT and got sick, still, I can do better).  So MOAR WORDS.

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