Wiki Wiki (Wild Wild West)

No, this entry has nothing to do with Westerns, or Will Smith, or rapping.  It does, however, have to do with Wikis, specifically my own.

Yes, I have a wiki of my very own (well locked down, or locked down well enough).

You might be asking what the hell I need a wiki for, considering that they are normally collaborative endeavors to help multiple people contribute and organize information about…well, whatever the wiki is about.

I am not multiple people (last time we checked), but I do have a lot of information in need of being organized!  Specifically, everything I know about my writings.  All of the novels I have written, or have planned to write, and all of the people, places, and things in them.  That’s a helluva lot to keep track of, especially in any organized manner, so I’m putting it on a wiki.

Some people will use notebooks well for this, but last I checked you couldn’t rearrange a notebook.  yWriter (which I am starting to use to write with) has some capability, but it’s tracked on a per-book basis, and doesn’t easily give me large scope or project tracking, not to mention that it isn’t flexible with the categories of data (characters, sure, but what if I want to chronicle super powers?).  Wikis were made to categorize data, so it fits for me.

It will also help in editing, so much.  I’m a pantser by nature, writing stories from the hip much better than I can meticulously plotting them, but that means that the details I make up as I go can be easily forgotten.  When I do my second read-through, I can make notes to the wiki with all the information that I need, giving me an easy reference when I have to correct or change things.

I’m just starting to fill it out, and am kind of daunted by the amount of information that I have to fill out.  I have written six books, have worked some on three more, and have two or three off the top of my head that I want to write after that.  This thing could easily explode with information, and you know what?  GOOD.  Better there than just floating around in my head waiting to get lost.

Though, I should probably finish up my current work before getting too sucked into this.  I could see this derailing me with the excuse that it is work on writing.  While true, that doesn’t actually get words written, and I need to not lose this thread.

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  1. WikiD pad. It’s a wiki located on your hard drive and accessable only to you. I’ve got one for my NFS series.

    • cosmato says:


      I'm actually using a "live" wiki, so that I can access it from anywhere with internet (I use 3-4 computers regularly, so this is important), and so that I can have collaborators. Not that I need people to help me write, but for world building and such for planning, I could definitely use feedback. This gives me a way to do so.

      Now to actually use it to start planning for November…as soon as I finish this novel, that is.

  2. racquelin says:

    Iiiiinteresting. Very cool.

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