Week 3 Review

Week 3 (the first of two of them the way that I am counting weeks) is never a good one for me.  Really, it’s after that third weekend that NaNo feels like an uphill slog through the mud and whatever motivation that I had completely disappears.  In year’s past, this was the week that I would post such astounding numbers as ~7k.

For the week.  Which is less than the NaNo suggested totals, for those playing at home.

One of my goals this year was to avoid that mid-NaNo slump, by focusing on weekly rather than monthly goals.  This was my first real test of that, and I will label it a cautious success.

I did make my word goal, by about 900 words (to get me to the next palindrome).  I wrote 69,971 words, bringing my total to 237,732 words.  I finished my first novel, and since I hit my goal, I earned Cards Against Humanity, which should be a hell of a lot of fun to play.

I also had an abortive start on my second story that caused me to realign my non-numerical goals.  I originally wanted to write two novels this month, and then three when I split the second novel into two.  However, when I sat down Friday and started trying to write the novel, it just would not move.  After a rather amusing Bar Scrawl, I decided that I was too blocked to move well on the novel.

So I thought of another one.

I’m now ~30,000 words into a horror novel that interests me, even if I don’t know fully what is going on.  I know there will be underground horrors (I love Lovecraftian beings), but there is something with a town conspiracy (and maybe secret society), a house that may or may not have a will of its own, and two missing girls separated by hundreds of miles and seventy years.

So it at least keeps me moving, and I enjoy it.  My revised goal is to finish this novel by the 29th, so that I can work on an old story on the 30th.  We’ll see how that goes, and how this week goes, I suppose!

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