To reference the last entry, I think it’s about time to start putting myself out there as an author, not just some guy who likes to write.  You know, try the social media thing, at least in small doses (because I’m allergic to large amounts of social media – it makes my face melt).

The thing about advertising yourself as a writer, though, is that you really can’t do it from an unused tumblr, a deleted facebook, and a locked down twitter account.  As much as I wish those were sufficient, I’m going to actually have to have a public way to be myself on the internet.

So I’m going to start small (SO unlike me), and get a second twitter.  This one will be public, and I promise to make it as boring as possible (“I wrote today!”, “Editing is hard”, “NEED MOAR CAFFEINE”, and “Let’s go NaNo!” are all planned tweets), but my current dilemma is who to be.

I have options, you see.

I could be all boring and professional and stuff and just go with my real name (because that is original), or I could use a pen name.  I have one, one that I have considered using in the past because my name is kind of boring and forgettable, and how often do you get the chance to rename yourself?  It would have the side benefit of not being as easily found by cow-orkers (hyphenation intentional) and providing a modicum of separation between my writing life and real life.

On the other hand, this is the internet.  There are no secrets on the internet.

So what do you think, Oh Gentle Reader?  Pen name or real name twitter for writing?  I have both reserved, but don’t want to use both because THAT would be way too much.  A blog and a twitter is about all I can manage at the moment; one blog and two twitters sounds like a recipe for disaster (or a good cocktail).

If you have opinions, give them to be below.  I promise to listen!

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