To End the Month

I am ~115k into this book, and things are happening.  It’s going well, moving towards its climax, but I’m still having trouble sitting down and writing it.

So this is my public declaration of intent.  I will finish this book this month, come hell or high water.  It may take 5k days for the rest of the month, but that’s what, four days?  I can handle that.  I am starting to lose the thread on this story, but I like it and want it to exist.

Feel free to laugh at me if I fail, to point fingers or call me out and shame me.  I am willing to risk that, because I have been writing this for two months, and if it’s much longer, I’m going to get too impatient with it to continue.

So, tomorrow will be for writing, and it will take up my next few evenings.  And when I’m done?  I’ll reward myself with the accomplishment of another novel written, and my first (but hopefully not last) of the year.

Let’s do this.

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