Throwing in the Towel

I’m throwing in the towel on my current story, but only for now.  I’ll pick it back up again, maybe even as an afterthought in NaNo.

Also, oh gods NaNo.

I’m not giving up on it entirely; I’m recognizing when it’s dragging me down into a slump, and that my attention could be better focused elsewhere.  I like the story, and will come back to it, just not right now.  I can’t right now.  I don’t know why, but the magnitude of how much I don’t want to write this story is kind of overwhelming.

So I won’t.

Sure, I could force it, and I thought about it.  But in chair hours, pounding out a story that I love but don’t like (if this were a relationship (and aren’t all novels relationships, or at least affairs?) we would be “having a fight”; our facebook relationship status might even be “It’s Complicated”).  During editing, I could fix the awfulness of it, make it good.  I do see the value in that, in general.

But the timing, oh always the timing.  NaNo is coming up fast, and I want to do a lot with it this year.  I have specific goals, goals measured by what I write not just how much.  I need to do some character work before then, to immerse myself in the story, and more importantly, I need to not be burnt out on writing.

So this it the pause.  The calm before the storm.  The time of gathering.

For the next week, I’m not doing anything writing-related, not even planning.  Doctor Who (I’ve now seen seasons 1, half of 2, 5, and 6), video games and other things, to clear my mind.  And then, the fun of character sketches begins.

I also need to start NaNo prep, not just for me but for ML duties.  Goodie bags, Kick-Off plans, getting the web pages back up, etc.  It will be fun and chaotic, as only November will be.

Soon I will post more details about my actual goals.  Here’s a hint, though: I’m considering another day of ridiculous besides just 50kDay1.

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