The Start of Another Season of Crazy

I came here to post for the first time on NaNo2013, what I’m doing and what to expect, only to remember that I had already posted once, a scant two days ago.  Apparently, I don’t often blog, and I forget about it half the time that I do.

Anyhow!  NaNo!  It’s practically just around the corner!  In 27 days and 9 hours (give or take however long it takes me to write this entry) I will be at my keyboard, document open, poised to start NaNo2013 and another crazy round of storytelling.  This is both terribly exciting and kind of overwhelming (so, in other words, about what a NaNo should be).

This year, I really want to do some planning.  I’ve tried it once before, and it…didn’t really work so well.  I drifted almost immediately, and looking back on what I had planned, what I wrote was better.  I can’t say that won’t happen this time, but I’m going to try to plan in different ways.  Knowing what will happen next, and having a pretty definite path will help, especially with my first story (since there aren’t many surprises for me with it – I know it well).

My second story?  Ehhh….we’ll see.  It’s horror, and I know the themes I want to play with well, and how it starts.  I’ll do some work beforehand, but it’s not my main focus.

One of my problems this year (like every year, but even *more* so this year) is going to be time.  I’m working OT at work right now, around 10 hours a week, and it’s slated to continue through November.  Now, depending on how things turn out I may or may not continue that, as I’m also traveling a lot in November, but right now that’s my plan.

So I’m going to find the time to write when?  Oh right, I don’t need other hobbies, or enough sleep, or social time outside of Write-Ins, do I (fun fact! I’m way more social in November than any other time of the year. I have no idea why).

I’ve also got half a mind (and growing!) to pick up my language work again.  My problem, as usual, is my short attention span.  I can be really focused, and figure things out/create really well, but not keep it up for weeks on end.  So, I need tools/techniques to help me not lose progress, basically.  It’s a problem with my planning, my writing, and for things like this.

Fortunately, I’m also a programmer, so I can fix these problems.  Given enough time, and enough motivation, and focus.  Unsurprisingly, the first thing I want to make is a ToDo app that thinks like I do, and then I can move on to a nice language creation program.  Or my goal-focused and even more awesome writing program (yes, I have ideas on one, but again, see also time).

So yes, that’s my life right now.  How about your’s, oh gentle reader?  And are you doing NaNo?  Because if not, you totally should.

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