Thanksgiving the First

For a little while there, I kind of forgot about this whole “blogging” thing.  Of course, between OT at work, the start of NaNoWriMo, and getting ready to move, a couple of things were bound to fall off the list.

And speaking of Fall, it’s time for Thanksgiving!  I know what you Americans are saying – isn’t he early for this?  Meanwhile, the Canadians are wondering why I’m so late.  Can I just claim to be averaging the two holidays?

In  reality, I just love Thanksgiving.  It’s like Christmas without the consumerism (Thanksgiving is a demarcation between the rest of the year and they buy ALL OF THE THINGS for Christmas season), and it has turkey and wine.  It could get more awesome, but it would be damn hard.

Every year, I make a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family, though the date changes quite a bit.  Last year it was on Thanksgiving, but this year it is Saturday.  This means that I am cooking prodigious amounts of food and will eat nothing but leftovers for the next week.  Mmm, tasty tasty leftovers.

As a side effect, I’ll get very little writing done for the next few days, but on the bright side I should be able to get tons done the days after.  And then I start being all social and stuff.  Weird, huh?

To make everyone out there in readerland jealous, but mostly for my own records, the following is what all I think will be there, whether I am making it or not:

  • Turkey
  • Duck (I thought about making Turducken but backed away from it)
  • Ham (possibly/probably)
  • Mashed potatoes (garlic)
  • Baby carrots
  • Green beans
  • Stuffed mushrooms/stuffed squash (new recipe, but similar to the old)
  • Brussel sprout hash (seriously good)
  • Stuffing (from a box because I’m lazy and not a huge fan)
  • Gravy (from a mix, because see above)
  • Rolls and Crescent Rolls
  • Dark chocolate cheesecake
  • Delicious normal cheesecake
  • Surprise dessert
  • Some other type of pie (that I will just buy)
  • Pre-food snacks (cheese and crackers, pickles, olives, things like that)
  • Various wines, including (probably) a vintage port
  • Mulled cider

I think it will be a good day.

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