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A Writing Status Update

Well, I blinked and now it’s almost July.  Funny how that happens, isn’t it? July is this year’s second CampNaNo, one that I will not be participating in.  I think (but don’t quote me on it) that most years I … Continue reading

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World Building Resources

For this upcoming NaNo (and holycrap it’s already mid-to-late September, when did that happen?!), I want to do some world building.  Or, more precisely, think I need to do some world building if I want the story to come out … Continue reading

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Character Mondays – Balazar

In order to prepare for July’s CampNaNo, I’m going to be doing all of my Character Mondays from that work (tentatively titled Blood Collector).  This is mostly terrifying, since I haven’t done much official character work on any of them, unless … Continue reading

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Character Monday: Zin

Is it jumping on the bandwagon if I’m only the third person to do so?  I prefer to think of it as being inspired, and if that is the case, I owe inspiration for this to Quix and Raq. The … Continue reading

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