About Me

This is a place for me to establish my digital identity.  If you want the short-and-sweet version of who I am it is this:  I am an Aerospace engineer by education, a software developer by trade, a writer by habit, and a creative soul by necessity.  Everything else is just details.

There will be a lot about writing, as the only thing that I like to do more than write is to write about writing.  You should also expect silly picture posts, occasional rants, and the odd errata of things I want to save for myself.  Some things will be downright odd, or might even offend you.  I won’t apologize for that; all I will show here is who I am, and I will never apologize for who I am.

I can’t promise that the site will stay the same, as I do like to change things around.  I may change the theme, the colors, or the over-arching organization.  What can I say, except that I love to tinker?

If you like what you see, there is a subscription option in my sidebar, so that you can receive all my wonderful updates in your email.  You can also follow me on twitter (@TravisMHicks).

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