Settling Steam

The beginning of this year has been rather chaotic.  I’ve been thrown through a loop once or twice, and then at the beginning of the month a tidal wave of stressful events decided to wash over my life.

It was pretty awesome.

But things are settling down now, and I’m gathering steam for hopefully settling into a boring pattern of predictable productivity.  I imagine that it will still be punctuated by episodes of stress, along with unexpected events, but I hope to settle into a groove to get things done.

“What things?” you might ask me, assuming you could communicate backwards in time to me as I was writing this entry.

Firstly, I started writing last night, almost on a lark.   I must admit that some of my motivation came from one Mr. Chuck Wendig, and his recent post on the matter of writing, but some of it was just that I was ready to start writing.  For now, I’m calling the series Paragons, and the first book is Rising.  These names are obviously not set in stone or anything, just what I’m working with.

I like the work, but worry that it will need an edit or two before I can even get my message across well enough to let someone else read it.  I guess we’ll see after I write it (again, since this was my 2009 NaNo, or at least is the resurrected spirit thereof), but I’m going into this knowing it will need work.

I’m also spinning up to work on a text editor.  It’s something I think I’ve mentioned before, but that I’m ready to start actually working on.  I’ve done some trials with the various pieces of QT functionality that I was considering, and have a pretty set idea of language and such, which is a plus.  I’ll create a post on my vision for it soon, but basically, I want a text editor that can provide meaningful feedback (in numbers!) about my writing.

I don’t mean just scene length, though that would be nice, or instantaneous WPM, though I will include that.  I want to have actual data to say that I’m more productive in the mornings, for instance, or in the evenings.  I want to be able to have goals more complex than “this session”.  If I want to write 50,000 words in a month, I want it to tell me if I’m on track, and if I’m trying to write 10 scenes in a week, I want it to be able to tell.  Automatically.  I’m also wanting to add other useful features (like the distraction-free Fullscreen that Zenwriter does, if I can, and the ability to do Box O’ Doom and other timed challenges, for NaNo months).

Also, while there are pieces of yWriter and Scrivener I like, I’m not 100% satisfied with either, so I might as well see if I can make something that does what I want it to.  Maybe I’ll get frustrated or overwhelmed and stop, but for now it sounds like fun, and productive.

So yeah.  I figure this will occupy a lot of my time over the next few months.  Hopefully, this settling in to gathering steam takes!

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