Serious Author is Serious

But not serious enough to use serious titles.  I’m not sure if this bodes well or ill for my publication dreams, but I’ll be thankful for an editor to tell me no.

Anyhow, this post is about taking myself seriously as an author, not just a writer.  Right now, I don’t, at all.  I don’t even like to apply the A-word to myself (well, either of them), sticking to the safe and comfortable confines of “writer”.

Since not everyone uses words like I do (which is most unfortunate, I think), let me explain what I mean here.  To me, a writer is someone who writes, and an author is someone who writes and then sign their name to it and shows it to other people.

Frankly, it’s that last part that’s rather terrifying.  But then again, sometimes the scariest things to do are the most important (no, this is not me recommending you stare down the barrel of a loaded gun).

So I’m going to start taking myself seriously as an author, as someone who writes, is open about it, will talk about and pursue publishing, etc etc.

To that end, I’m debuting a public twitter.  My main twitter (which some (or most) of you may know) is protected, and I like it that way; it’s my social networking of choice, and I like the freedom to be myself.  It’s also an atrocious way to meet people and interact with them, so I have a new one:  @travismhicks.  Because I’m creative.

I also kind of want to get business cards.  They can list me as both a programmer and writer (yes, I write in both my jobs, and there are many similarities), as well as including contact info.  It’s the latter that would be so useful – no hunting for paper to scratch down an email address in nearly illegible handwriting!  If anyone knows anything about this, feel free to pass on the info/advice.

And yes, this entire post was mostly about my new twitter account, but it’s part of a step towards legitimacy (in my own eyes) as an author, not just a writer.  Expect more soon.

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