So I’ve maintained a rather lackadaisical attitude towards this blog since…well, forever, really.  But that’s going to change!

Just, you know, not much, because big change is scary.

I’m going to start making use of this really nifty feature that wordpress has called Post Scheduling.  Basically, what you do is write a post, and then you can choose when it appears.  And you can do this for lots of posts at once!

Isn’t technology swell?

So I want to start doing that.  I have a few posts in mind (their titles written on a Post-It note, appropriately), and I can write them all and schedule.  If I can keep a few posts ahead, that will help.

I want to start posting on Mondays and Thursday.  Why?  I actually have no idea.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time.  And I may post in between, too, just because I’m awesome like that.

So yes!  Look for more regularity!

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