Plugging in to the Writer Community – A Question

One of my goals for the new year is going to be to be more involved in the writer community as a whole.  That won’t be hard, considering how unplugged I have been from everything that goes on.  It was only recently that I even followed my first published writer (John Scalzi), and he is currently the extent of the writing community that I follow.

So!  Here is my question to you, oh lovely readers of mine:  what blogs, podcasts, or websites do you follow for writing-type stuff?

To narrow it down a little bit more, please don’t inundate me with podcasts.  I can’t stream at work, so I have to download them and transfer them, or use data (no wifi at work either).  One or two, if good, would be fine.  Genre-wise, I’m more interested in general fiction, scifi, horror, or fantasy.  Probably in that order.  Anything with good writing advice I am up for, though, as well as publication advice.

So who do you read, what blogs do you recommend, etc?

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