Over-hyped Superstars

Or, how Tim Tebow is like the iPhone (and not just because I don’t want to play with either of them).

I think the iPhone is the Tim Tebow of phones.  Yeah, when it first came out it could do more than the other QBs (phones), but times have caught up with it and it’s a little special, but nothing to write home about.  It hasn’t really gotten that much better, while the competition has been improving through leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, it still has a cult like following AND a cult of detractors, and the announcers (media) can’t seem to get off his dick long enough to clear their throats.  Anything that Tebow does is in the news, no matter how newsworthy, just because they know it will get clicks.

Also, all QBs are compared to Tim Tebow, even though he’s only relevant because the announcers won’t shut the fuck up about him, and a lot of them are better.  But they lack that je ne sais quoi (cult like following that ignores inconvenient facts) that makes him “special” and “inspirational” and “annoying”.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m getting ready to buy my first smartphone (no, I don’t want an iTebow), but I’m making myself wait to buy it until I finish my current novel.  You know, the one I’ve been writing since June.

So if you want to write this weekend, I shall be. A lot.

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