NaNo Week 1 Review

For me, NaNo Week 1 ended on Sunday night, as the clock ticked from 11:59 to 12:00, but I’ve been a bit too busy writing other things to actually come write here.

So far, I am on pace for my goals.  I’ve had one day that is marked as under count, but it’s misleading – I played around with some speech to text software, and didn’t get transcriptions until the next day.  But I am currently still cruising in the purple, so that’s good.

One thing that I’m doing this year is weekly goals instead of an overall monthly goal, and so far I am cautiously optimistic on how effective it is.  It’s certainly different, both better and worse, and I will explain why.

The better of it is that, at the end of the week, everything resets.  If I didn’t make my goal, I don’t get my weekly reward, but it doesn’t impact the next week at all.  I don’t have to play catch up, and with an ever-increasing deficit as I get more frustrated.  I start every week with a clean slate.

The worse of it is that, at the end of the week, everything resets.  I can only get ahead for a week.  If I write 10,000 extra words one week, it doesn’t help me on the next at all.  That pushes me harder, and we’ll see how I fare in my Week 3 work with that, but it may push me to write more.  That would be a plus, as I’m wanting to get a couple of novels out of this month.

A month is just a long time for a single goal for me.  If I get ahead I get lazy, and if I get behind I get discouraged, and neither makes me want to write very much.  I will still write, because I am a writer, but NaNoWriMo is supposed to be an explosion of productivity, and that’s what I am missing when I get complacent and frustrated.  So instead I’m basically doing five micro-NaNos (so, femtowrimo? (anyone who gets that joke without looking it up gets ten points)).  So far, so good.

My first two days of Week 2 have been struggles, but I’ve managed to push myself into the purple (the day’s highest goal).  I’m not sure how much I’ll keep that up all week, but when I start with a good streak, I don’t want to ruin it, so I am likely to keep pushing myself.  Eventually my need for that extra hour of sleep will catch up with me, as will housework that I am juggling and such, but so far, so good.  I also really want my reward this week (a bottle of port), so that helps.

How is everyone else’s NaNo going so far?  Are you trying anything fun to motivate yourself.

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