NaNo planning!

Or mostly a lack thereof.

I meant to prepare more this year, and still do have time to do so, but I’m not sure that it will happen, and it’s got me kind of worried.  I’m a pantser at heart, and I know that any detailed plan will dissolve at the end of the first chapter when I realize the direction that my plot is actually going to take, but I wanted to at least know my characters better.

Oh, and I kind of have a world to build on top of that, and don’t really know how to do political world building.  I’m not sure how important it will be, but I do know that politics figures in.

See, this year I have a huge cast and huge goals (I’m not sure which is bigger (which is what she said)).  Both my stories involve multiple perspectives winding through the narrative, so I have quite a few character voices to hold in my head, and many more characters that they will be interacting with.

Really, I have about three dozen important characters.  Cue mini freak out.  (As a comparison, I don’t think my first series has three dozen characters in it total, even including unnamed ones like “the teacher”)

There are sixteen more days to prepare, though I’m losing some of them to a wedding (not the worst reason by far), and to planning a bachelor party (also not the worst reason).  I’ve got a table to finish and a region to encourage.  Oh, and a new keyboard to practice on, because I want to pamper my wrists even more than Dvorak already does.

I can’t decide if I’m ready for NaNo to be here already, or if I think there should be an extra few weeks to prepare.  I also can’t decide if the latter would actually help.

So, my pre-NaNo goal is to get my head back in my novels, to find the thread again so that I can follow it during the month.  I have an ambitious schedule (meaning if I fall short I still get a lot written and can take solace in that (theoretically)), so I need to be able to move and shake after changing stories.

It’s going to be hard.  It’s going to be crazy.  It’s going to be fun.

NaNo, bring it on.  (As soon as I remember who all my characters are)

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