NaNo Novel 1

…is done!

It doesn’t have the ending that I thought it would, to be honest.  It caught me by surprise until I was right upon it and realized how things needed to stop.  Where I stop recasts the focus, hopefully in a positive way.

I leave out a lot of what happens, but none of the story, if that makes sense.

It’s a story with multiple perspectives, of people reacting to aliens taking over the world.  The people get super powers, but they’re tied to inner weaknesses/struggles.  It’s a quest to survive, but focus much more on inner struggles.  It’s more of a quest for personal survival with a backdrop of apocalypse, if that makes sense.

So the story stops when their inner struggles are resolved, which is before the final fight with the aliens (which I show them as having won, through another character’s eyes).  I may come back and write all that at some point, but it will do nothing for the points and themes I was working with so far.  It’s action, and exciting things will happen, but this is not a normal story.  I’m less worried about that part, and before I consider actually including it, I need to get right everything before it.

In this story, at least, the ending recasts everything.  If it is a fight with the aliens as the climax of the book, then it’s a story of surviving the world around them.  If it’s overcoming themselves, then it is a story of surviving their own pasts.

What does this odd ending mean for publishing hopes?  I don’t really know, or care right now.  I need to rework the story, knowing what I know now, and bring forth all this other stuff.  If I can balance it well, I may be able to show their final moments, but even that’s just details.  Everything is set when they get on the ship to go, and everything is decided.  I even paint a picture of the ending (literally) in the first scene.

So, all in all, I give it a B+ for a NaNo effort.  It has the building blocks that I need, and I think I can rework it into a decent story.

Final word count, of this version:  194386 words.

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