NaNo in the Air

So, how the hell is it already NaNo season? NaNo isn’t for almost two months!

And yet no part of me doubts that it is.  My friends are starting NaNo prep, including a couple of people that have never done it before.  The MLs I know are starting to plan, booking locations, filling their schedules.

And me?  I’m trying to finish up the book I’m working on so that I can turn my attention to the two I want to write, while deciding how much to commit myself and warning everyone that I will disappear for a while.

My weekends are mostly full.  My time off is planned (and there is more of it this year – you’ll see why.   Go big or go home).  I have ordered my ML kit.  This is really starting soon.

I both can’t wait, and am glad that I have to.  I need the calm before the storm.

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