NaNo Events (Overachiever edition!)

It’s just over a month away and entirely too soon, so I thought that I would go ahead and plan whatever special events I wanted this year, and see what others of my overachievers were interested in.  I think that they’ll be entirely virtual this year, but that’s fine.

Day 1.  50kDay1, 50kKillMeNow, whatever you want to call it.  Day One Ridiculousness (DOR!).  I am doing this, and shooting for 50k, midnight to midnight.  Company is appreciated, with whatever ridiculous goal you want.

50kWeekend One:  Phantom Menace.  The second weekend of NaNo (11/10 and 11/11).  This will be my first 50k Weekend – it’s never interested me before, because of 50kDay1, but this year it will be my big push towards finishing the first novel.

50kWeekend Two:  Electric Boogaloo.  So since I’ve never done it before, twice is nice, yes?  Thanksgiving weekend, because my travel plans look smaller this year, and it will be my big push through the middle of my second novel.

Day 30 30k.  Because, apparently, I am insane.  I took the last day off of NaNo this year as well (putting me up to four days off), and since it’s a Friday, I can be ridiculous and barely sleep.  Again.  But this is my last chance, my catch-up opportunity.

I’m also interested in doing a weekly virtual NaNoOverachiever Write-In, if you guys are interested.  Fridays, maybe, as that’s one of my few free days, and while most people take breaks on Fridays, we are less likely to.

So who wishes to join me in the madness?

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8 Responses to NaNo Events (Overachiever edition!)

  1. mattkinsi says:

    Not a chance in hell.

  2. mattkinsi says:

    That’s in reference to me joining you, not a statement on if I think you’ll complete it. Or survive it.

    • cosmato says:

      To be fair, I\’m not entirely sure I\’ll survive it. That\’s half the fun. But your ML schedule alone eats up your free time.

  3. amandacolene says:

    i’m with you for day one and day thirty at least. in the staying up very late or all night respect. i am NOT writing 50k in a day.

    you be crazy

  4. caillien says:

    Sweet, sweet insanity. I’ll do what I can when I’m not at work. The 50kday is practically a law in my world, and I need to crank out at least one 100kweekend to satisfy my not-so-inner overachiever.

  5. racquelin says:

    Yes: DOR, Thanksgiving 50kweekend, weekly write-ins. I consider these to be traditions, and you know how I need my alcoholism, traditions, and pointless pageantry.

    Maybe/no: everything else. I like to leave room for spontaneity.

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