My New Car

For those of you who have asked about my recent vehicular purchase, here are the details!

It’s a wholesale nfl jerseys ’94 Buick Century. It’s cheap nba jerseys white with red Messe (really crimson) interiors. It’s also huge.
Which is actually part of why I bought it.
See, I am a rather tall individual. I need legroom and headroom. Elbow room is also nice, but I’ve learned to fold myself in rather better there. Not all cars comfortably fit me, and I had to go and complicate things by not wanting an SUV (or a van/minivan), so finding something that I could wholesale nfl jerseys get Appetizers, into and out wholesale mlb jerseys of without a 12 step process was a little challenging, to say the least, let alone wholesale nfl jerseys something that I didn’t feel like a sardine in.
But, this works, was within my price range, was from a reputable dealer, and had just gotten a lot of new parts and A work done on it. This doesn’t bother me, partly because the car was treated fairly well, and partly because if it was just fixed competently (this is where reputation comes in), it will Master be less likely to break.
So, that’s a plus.
So now, a picture and the fun part! Thus far the car does not have a name. I will probably refer to her as TB, though, which could stand for any number of things (Tara-Bear, Tora-Bora, Totally Bitchin’, and (my personal favorite), Tank-Boat). I’m curious if anyone else out there has an amusing name Beginnings with the Not initials TB, though.
Aaaand picture!
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