My History with 50kDayOne

A little less than five years ago, I found myself starting NaNoWriMo as an ML for a newly created region.  I was excited, and determined that this would be the year that I would finally win, but my first two years had been rough.

Before long, I found myself involved in a race to 50k with a rather fantastic writer/ML, Annalia.  That year, we basically tied – both hitting 50k within minutes of one another, with no way to tell who was first.  We decided to renew our friendly competition the next year, racing to 50k again.

And that’s when I first decided to write 50k on the first day.

You see, I was a faster typist than her, but she had a dogged persistence that I just couldn’t match (and still greatly admire).  The only way that I could ensure victory was to do it before she would be physically able to.  And so I spent the first 24 hours of NaNoWriMo 2010 slaving over my computer, growing tired and delirious, and finishing my 50k with mere minutes to spare.

The next two years went much the same, except that my hands were freezing and I was doing it in Dvorak.  Oh, and importantly, other people were doing it with me!  I told no one (except my girlfriend at the time) about my plans the first year, but my second year I wanted company and got it, and have been recruiting it since.

Then last year something clicked.  Not only did I hit 50k in the first day, I did it fast (in ~17 hours), and then wrote more (ending at 55,555 words, and it could have been more if I hadn’t decided that I needed a celebratory drink or three).

Which brings me to this year, which would be year five of my race to hit 50k on the first day.  Only this year, there is a bit of added fun to it.  I somehow have talked myself into a challenge with an amazing group of writers (Cai, Kateness, and Chom), and we’ll all be racing to 50k.

Fastest one there wins (to allow for time zone differences), and to the winner goes all the bragging rights and gloating.  (We’re seriously only doing this for fun, and to help motivate ourselves to write even more words than usual).

I know it hasn’t really started yet, but I think this promises to be a hell of an awesome year, and I personally can’t wait to get started on it.

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