MURICA – Recipes Needed

No, I don’t need recipes for the country.  As metaphorical and interesting as that is, I want recipes for actual food.

This Monday, I have the day off, the SyFy channel is playing reptile monster movies all day, and I have both writing and programming to do to wrap up the month well.  Since I am the son of two veterans (both parents served in the Navy), I do like celebrating the day and being all patriotic-like.

So!  I need some sort of tasty food idea for the day.  Caveat!  I don’t own a grill, and don’t really trust the apartment grills to not have some sort of plague on them.  Also, I’m not a huge fan of pork (except bacon – I could write an ode to my love of bacon) or beef.

I know, it’s a rather restrictive list of caveats, which is why I’m turning to you, oh gentle readers.  What can I make that just screams “MURICA”?  I’ll probably hold off on my red white and blue cake until the 4th of July, but patriotic colors are fine.  Apple pie, maybe?  Corn on the cob?

What food screams America to you, culturally speaking?

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