Apparently, June is a bad month for both blogging and writing.  Granted, as far as writing is concerned it would be hard to not beat May (I’ve had days where I’ve written more than ten times what I did in May), but it’s still not winning by much.

I feel like I’m slightly justified in my avoidance of writing this time.  I just moved (and still have some moving to do), to a three bedroom place so that the roommate’s boyfriend could move in with us.  So far, all is well, though it’s been kind of exhausting getting all my stuff moved to an upstairs apartment (which I prefer).

Next time, just tell me to buy a house (which I actually am considering looking into doing, though it would require me to commit to living here for four or five years).

I have started a new story, though, that I know next to nothing about.  I had the dream that inspired it (most of my story ideas come from my dreams), and then that next morning I started writing.  I was as surprised as you may be now, but it’s interesting, at least.  I have a lot of room to play, but haven’t gotten quite far enough in to do so yet.  Side tracks should wait until after the big hook for the main storyline, I think.

But I still want to make this year about writing, so I’m going to start writing more again.  It will probably be next week, as we’re cleaning the old apartment this weekend (and I have an excellent SyFy channel movie to watch), but I want this story written and I want to write.

Whether or not that will turn into much writing we’ll see, but I hope that it will at least.  Now I just need to find a good time of the day to make myself sit down and write during, consistently.  I would ideally like to make writing a habit, but that require a somewhat predictable schedule, and that’s been hard for me, so we’ll see.

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