Looking Forward to Rejection

The average person reading that title wouldn’t get it, but I think my writer friends all will, pretty much right off the bat, at least those that want to pursue traditional publishing.

I have heard it dozens of times:  when you send out your manuscript, you are going to get rejected.  A lot.  But it doesn’t mean you suck!  Everyone gets rejected a lot, so it takes persistence and a pile of no’s to get that yes.

But what it means in the positive is that you have finished a work, edited it (preferably multiple times), and gotten your ass in gear to submit queries.  That’s huge, and that’s what I want.

Establishing a timeline for this is hard, because it depends entirely on what I want to submit for my first go-round.  I have an older story (my first) that is huge and needs lots of work, a half written story that also promises to be big, my NaNo which needs lots of honing, and the one I am on the verge of writing.

Whichever way about it, I will probably be spending most of the spring doing edits and clean ups, as well as late summer.  All that includes figuring out a method for editing that works for me – there are many, just like approaches to writing, and the trick for me is finding what meshes well with me.  But I have some ideas there, too.

So if I did New Year’s Resolutions, that would be one, to seriously push for getting rejected this year, and celebrating the rejections, because they mean progress.  Strangely enough.

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