Lisey’s Story

I cannot say enough good about this book, and won’t try here.  I am just going to present some of the quotes from it, the ones I have marked with little scrids of paper.  I don’t think you need the context to enjoy them.

I don’t care if you understand me.  Understanding is vastly overrated, but nobody ever gets enough safety.

Each marriage has two hearts, one light and one dark.

Isn’t bravery always sort of beautiful?

She wondered what good love was if it came to this, to even ten seconds of feeling like this.

But what good is talk, and a special language, if there is no one to talk to?

Then, instead of telling her that where there was life there was hope, or to let a smile be her umbrella, or that it was always darkest just before the dawn, or anything else that had just lately fallen out of the dog’s ass, she simply held her.  Because sometimes only holding was best.

You’re good for the ones you love. You want to be good for the ones you love, because you know that your time with them will end up being too short, no matter how long it is.

There was a lot they didn’t tell you about death, she had discovered, and one of the biggies was how long it took the ones you loved most to die in your heart.

The looneybins are full of people like me. Our dreams harness us, and the whip us with soft whips – oh, lovely whips – and we run and we run, always in the same place…because the ship…Lisey, the sails never open and the ship never weighs its anchor…

He claimed that for him, writing a book was like finding a brilliantly colored string in the grass and following it to see where it might lead.  Sometimes the string broke and left you with nothing. But sometimes – if you were lucky, if you were brave, if you persevered – it brought you to a treasure. And the treasure was never the money you got for the book; the treasure was the book.

There are more, but that is good for now.

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