Likes and Dislikes

Hi!  This will be a short entry.  I’m behind on sleep and words, so you get sillier thoughts.  So, without further adieu, writer likes and dislikes!

Things I Like to Do as an Author

  • Give my characters superhuman abilities
  • Write dreams that fit into the larger narrative
  • Lie about my characters by using a limited third person perspective
  • Write action (fights, car chases, etc)
  • Invent creatures
  • Use SCIENCE! (I like to have the outlandish stuff at least plausible, if not possible)
  • Write mad scientists (if you haven’t, do!)
  • Constrain my characters setting (prison, space station, underground caves, etc)

Things I Don’t Like to Do as an Author

  • Stay in the correct tense (though I will always correct it)
  • Spell “corridor” correctly (though I love the word, apparently)
  • Write dialog (talking? overrated)
  • Have a single POV character (I feel like I’m in a literary straight-jacket)
  • Involve time travel (DON’T. Learn from my mistakes)
  • Write short stories/novellas (50k is just the warm-up, amirite?)
  • Write good bad guys (all of my novels have shitty bad guys, no bad guys (multi-perspective conflict with no “right” and “wrong”), or incomprehensible ones (aliens, primal forces, etc))
  • Break my work up into chapters ( The story continues, so how do I know when to stop/pause?!)
  • Write sex (I have implied it a few times, but it was more like an implication of a suggestion, with room for doubt)
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