So, I got a kitten!  She’s a tortie, 14 weeks old and just under three pounds.  She’s full of spunk and a little crazy (so, exactly my type).

I have named her Zinaida DettaWalker, called Zinnie.  The first name is a Russian name of Greek origin, meaning “god-like”.  The middle name is after Susannah’s darker and wilder half in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Cora, thus far, is unimpressed but curious.  It’s like she wants to play, until Zinnie gets close, and then she hisses and gets upset.  She doesn’t walk off, but she doesn’t want to get too close, either.

The cat room she was in came down with the sniffles (all of them), so she is sneezie and has conjunctivitis in one eye, but is otherwise healthy.

Pics below!

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