January Retrospective

First, the raw numbers of productivity:

  • SS1:  60,099 words
  • SI-Superheroes: 1,104 words (and additional formatting work)

So, all in all an okay month.  I wrote 1.2 NaNos (yes, it’s a unit of measurement now) without a community, which is an important step for me.  Most of them were on a new work, one that I am grinding through.  The perspective is hard for me (there is only one!), but I’m settling in and hitting my stride now.

Really, it was beginnings that messed me up.  The beginning of the month saw me having to work overtime, and then I got sick (which balanced out from work’s perspective, but left little time).  Then I was starting the novel, and having no clue where it was going.  I never do.  I have a starting place, a general goal, and fly by the seat of my pants between them.

The end of the month was my highlight.  My story settled into place and actually started to have twists and turns.  It even had a word puzzle in a mysterious prison note!  Which is hard to want to slow down for when you’re moving at a couple thousand words a day, especially the resolution (which happened in the last three days that saw 1/3 of my total words for the month).

So.  Now we have to talk about next month, which is this month, even though I don’t wanna.

The goal I don’t want to say out loud (because it will then obligate me to do it) is to finish the novel this month.  I start to lose the thread if the first draft takes too long, and I’m a zoom-zoom writer, so two months is approaching my limit.  I estimate (read: am pulling a number out of my ass) that I have on the order of 100k left.  That’s around 3500 words a day, which isn’t awful, but I won’t have the same attention for it I did this month.

The reason I won’t have as much attention for it is that I’m wanting to introduce other projects.  I have a ridiculously ambitious coding project in mind (I shouldn’t be attempting it, but I am), and want to start more of this walking and getting in shape thing, which cuts into my nights.  But really, 3500 words is only about two hours of work, and if I don’t spend so much time pointlessly surfing the internet (really, how many times do I need to read political news stories that just piss me off), it should be doable.

So, here goes nothing I guess!

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