In Which I Steal Things from Pandy

One of my goals for the year is to blog more consistently, and in the vein of that and of pursuing my other goals, I am presenting two ideas.  At least one of them I will do, and the other I am seriously considering.

The first thing that I am stealing from Pandy (and from Sushi, actually) is GoalForIt (which she talks about here).  It seems like pretty basic goal-tracking software, and like the kind of thing I could do in Excel in just a few minutes (and have).  There are two things that make me want to at least try this out, though.

First, meeting goals on a day gives you points, and you get to weight the goals.  So, writing can be two points, and not staying up until 4am can be one.  That I like.  It helps me focus on what is really important if I am saving points to try to do something.

Secondly, it tells you how many days in a row you have done something.  Streaks can be a powerful motivator, and if I’ve done well for two weeks, I won’t want to mess it up.  So hopefully this will encourage more consistent things for me, especially if I can be a little lax in saying whether or not I have met the goal.  I just need to remind myself that I am trying to encourage habits, so that I do something is more important than how much.

And now, to slightly contradict that:  750words.

I definitely misunderstood this when I first heard of it.  I thought it was another writing challenge, to get you to write 750 words of creative writing every day, probably for a year.  So, the point is to encourage you to get your works done and be productive in that way.  The problem?  I don’t think I am the kind of writer that can output new words every day, not if I also want to get editing and world-building and the like done (though I could average 750 words per day – hell, my average last year was just over 1500 words per day).

But it’s not.  It has to do with writing, but not writing stories.  It could, but the focus is far more private and extremely more open.  It actually takes inspiration from Morning Pages, except that it doesn’t have to be in the morning (which works best for my schedule as it is now) and that it isn’t longhand (my hand can’t keep up with my thoughts there, so it is an entirely frustrating experience for what is supposed to be a free-writing and stream-of-consciousness exercise).

So I’m considering doing that one.  For me, it would mostly be self-reflection, but possibly free-form planning and idea formulation as well.  It would also establish a daily habit of writing, which is a plus.  I’ve heard lots of good things about this idea, so it’s something I may decide to try for myself.  I’m a little on the fence about it, but more likely than not will be in.

So!  Does anyone else out there have other things they use for tracking their goals or establishing good writing habits?  While I’m learning (and trying) new things, this could be good information.

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9 Responses to In Which I Steal Things from Pandy

  1. Amelia Lynn says:

    While I’m not using it this year because I am trying to avoid focusing on word count as much as possible, this site may be useful to you. 🙂 It allows you to have a word count goal for a week, month, or the entire year, but doesn’t force you to write XXX words per day to meet it. It’s on a weight system, so you can set how important the goal is to you each day.

    I was planning to use it this year, but then I changed my goals. O_O

    • cosmato says:

      I think I saw this before. I *might* use it, but I\’m trying not to focus on WC as much either (until November). I am focusing on time spans and whole works (which is a lot like what I did this past November, actually). So, I know I want to re-write Survivors in Feb/March. I know about how long it is, plus or minus 50k. Any word goal I have is based on that.

      So, horse before the cart, maybe?

  2. amanda says:

    i feel like “and not staying up until 4am can be one.” was put in there for me >_>

    • cosmato says:

      Not entirely, but it sprang to mind. I also stay up way too late on the weekends, especially Sundays, and it throws off my whole week.

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