In Which I Accidentally a Novel. Again

At the beginning of this year’s NaNo season, I had a realization.  Every year I have won NaNo (2009 onward), I have thought of a novel idea during the month and then written that novel (the first year, I had small pieces of ideas, but nothing like what I wrote).  This year, I wasn’t sure that would happen; I had the two novels I was going to work on, and thought I might do some shorter works, but not a new novel idea.

I guess if there is anything that I like, it is proving myself wrong.

I was in the car on the way to my brother’s, and I was playing around with speech to text (because typing while driving is ill advised).  The problem was that I didn’t really have an idea.  So I said to myself, “I’ll do flash fiction based on the next song I hear on the radio.”

Almost as soon as I say that, I get a title (which is weird in and of itself – I almost never know titles):  “Confessions of a Dispassionate Superhero”.  And then the next song starts – Kryptonite, by 3 Doors Down.

I fully believe that sometimes story ideas are gifts.  You still have to work at them – to shape them, to bring them into the world, to polish them – but the central idea is just a gift from the Writer’s Void.  This, I think is one.

I start dictating the work, which in my mind is a flash fic, maybe stretching to an actual short story.  I get about two scenes in when I realize:  dude, this is a novel.

I’m still working out the details (and will probably do more work like that, dictation-writing key scenes and back story and the like when driving to my Thanksgiving this upcoming weekend), but I like this idea.  It plays with ideas I like to use, and I like the characters (and I like that I get to subvert gender tropes with superheroes).  I’m still discovering the shape of the story, but I’ve got a second work that I’m really excited about, now.

Time to finish up the one I’m on (hopefully this week) and then move on.  Also, I might buy Dragon because of this – I like this storytelling out loud thing, and want to play with it more.

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2 Responses to In Which I Accidentally a Novel. Again

  1. L.M. Murphy says:

    I’m the same in that I rarely ever get a title before I get at least midway into the book (the current NaNo being an exception). That’s definitely a good song to go with the title, though! As for dictation.. I can talk people’s ears off given half the chance, but when it comes to dictating, for whatever reason, I immediately feel horribly self-conscious. (One of the few times that happens.) I like the concept, but it just doesn’t work. Alas.

    • cosmato says:

      I\’ve been told that my speech sounds like my writing (as opposed to my writing sounding like my speech (as in, it sounds like I\’m writing when I talk)), so it might work for me.


      We\’ll see 😛

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