Fo Shame

If there’s one thing I’m really, really good at, it’s not following through on updating this blog.  I am, in fact, a master at not posting, but I’ve decided that that’s something that I should maybe get a little worse at.

This year I’m trying to be a little more focused.  Now, granted, every year I try to be a little more focused, but this year it’s actually sort of working?  Not that I have anything great to show for it, yet (unless you count memorizing the countries in Africa), but I have been fairly diligent with it, at least.

But I can also feel myself slipping, some, especially as I try to expand my focus to do two, maybe even three things instead of just one, which is where public shaming accountability comes in.

By way of background, one of my friends is buying a house, and I offered to make her a table as a housewarming gift, similar to mine (the top lifts off and there is an excellent gaming surface underneath).  One of the problems with this is that I was nowhere near good enough to make my table, and the fact that it turned out as well as it did is something of a blue-eyed miracle.  Plus, I don’t mind the imperfections and problems, because I can fix them.

But to give to someone else? Bah!  (Rachyl, any protestations from you on quality will fall on deaf ears)

So I’ve built myself a little plan to learn what I need to know before doing the table better, correctly, as is more worthy of a gift.  And it starts humbly, with making myself a little box to hold my minifig painting stuff in an organized manner.  I have made detailed plans for this, and after one or two false starts, am ready to get it done.

Only there is no motivation quite like public shaming, hence my posting about it here.  My deadline/goal for having this done is:  4/15/18.

If it seems like a while, well, it is.  I’ve got learning to do in there, and have several weekends taken up by other things.  But that’s my deadline, that you guys can feel free to hold me accountable to!

There will likely be a few updates as progress continues, the first probably at the initial assembly of the frame, so if you’re curious about the details, well – wait 😛

EDIT: I’ve added the plans, for as much help as they’d be without seeing the 3D shape.  This entire thing is designed around one very specific size of paint bottle, which is all I have.  The dividers will divide them into 2×10 sections and hold them snug, while a tray sits on top to hold a bunch of other stuff.

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