Finishing out the Month

So I’m ~25k into the new novel, and it’s finally getting interesting.  All my novel ideas start with the beginning (vector (“this is where everyone is, and their (metaphorical) direction of movement”) ), but I don’t often know where they’ll take me.  Sometimes, I also have an ending (such as with Survivors) but very rarely do I have a middle.

Discovering the middle is the fun part.

So now I am to what will be the meat of the plot, and I want to move.  This month started off slow, with me being sick and having to work overtime, but things are settling into place.  1500 words a day, in my writing world, is a slow plod.  If I want to rocket through the stratosphere, then I want to be hitting 5-6k words a day.  It’s 2-3 hours of good writing time, and should be doable.

Given some off days, rounding discrepancies, and general fudge factors, that puts me coming out of the month at 60k, so that’s my current goal.  60k or bust, and then I finish the damn thing up next month.

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