February Retrospective, March Plans

First, like last month, the raw numbers:

  • SS1:  78,430
  • HIOTR:  430
  • Flash Fic:  5,633 total

So, over 80k this month, which is pretty darn good for a short month, again without the community effort that is so amazing during NaNo.  Having already started SS1, I was able to make better progress on it.  It was just getting through telling the story, not figuring out how, and in a few months I should be able to come back and get a working manuscript out of it, so that’s exciting.

Again, the end of the month was much better than any other time, though.  Except for the 28th (don’t ask), all five days at the end of the month were very productive – all of them over 5k, and one getting close to 10k.  I made a big push for finishing the book, and did!

It’s March 1st, and I have already written the first draft of a novel this year.  That feels good.

But it’s March, and that means it’s a new month.  With my novel written, I’m going to take a bit of a break from the frantic writing pace, at least for the first half of the month (and probably for all of it).  I’ll likely focus on flash fiction this month, or short stories at best.  Nothing serious for new content because I have other plans.

Editing plans.

Part of the reason for me wanting to write a novel was to clear the buffer in my head, so to speak, to expunge the old story from it in favor of a new one (some authors can concentrate well on more than one story – I cannot).  That way, this month I can go back and edit last year’s NaNo, which is currently a behemoth of a novel (238k).

Not that I know how to edit.  But then, when I started writing for serious two and a half years ago (rounding up), I didn’t know how to write, either.  I’m the kind of person to throw myself off the cliff and build wings on the way down, and so it will be with editing.  I have a few plans, which I will elaborate on in a future blog post, but that is for later on next week.

This week, my plan is to do nothing as far as writing is concerned.  I want to play games, take walks, watch movies, and generally enjoy myself without being a written content producer.  I might do a flash fic or two, but I’m likely taking a full break, just to give my mind a rest before picking it up again.

And oh, then the fun that we shall have.

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