February Plans

January has seemed to fly by, hasn’t it?  And in just a few days it will be February, which means that I ought to make some kind of goals and such for the month.  My year-long plan says that I should be writing, and writing I shall be.

What I’m going to write has changed, however.  Instead of rewriting last year’s NaNo novel, I’m going to be rewriting 2009’s NaNo novel, and a major rewrite it shall be.  It’s more than just changing the overall plot; I’m removing and redefining characters, tweaking the setting, and changing what happens.

So it’s rather like an entirely new story, and that part is exciting.  Plus, I know the protagonist well, and that helps more than just about anything else.  I have some basic ideas for what happens, but will likely only “plot” the high points of the novel.  I trust my intuitive writer skills more than my conscious ones, at least as far as first-pass larger-scale story elements.

Giving myself 150k for the first draft (an estimate that is just short of a wild-ass guest), that’s just over 2500 words per day.  Not too bad, if you ask me.  I may try to move faster on it, to see if I can finish early and start the next book in the series, but to do that I’d basically have to finish it next month, and that’s not happening.

And that’s really my only writing goal for the next two months.  I’m not going to juggle that and revision, and I’m not going to try to do side projects or plan something else.

So how about you guys?  Any big February plans?

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