Early April Retrospective

I know, this month isn’t over yet, but I cannot wait for it to be.  This month has been tumultuous and unsettled, in writing areas and not in writing areas.  I’ve never been a big believer in our artificial delineations of time (tomorrow is just another day – the cosmos don’t care that we call it a different month), but I’m still hoping to break this streak of whatever-it-is.

The numbers are obviously still tentative (though I doubt I’ll have much time to write today), but as of now I’ve written 36k this month.  A full third of that was in one 24 hour period, in challenges from a friend, so calling the rest of the month lackluster is pretty fitting.

I re-started an old work, with full intentions of finishing it within the next two months (and I still can, but it’s going to be tough with only 30k on it this month), and suffered a crisis of writing faith.  That one I’m still dealing with and coming out of; do I even have to say that it’s affecting my progress?

I’m sorting it out, what motivates me to write, what I should expect of it, and how I should approach it, but it’s not easy.  It makes sitting down to get my words out hard, even though forging ahead without thinking about the peripheral concerns is exactly what I should be doing.  So, the story languishes, and I daydream over another, even though starting it wouldn’t fix anything.  It’s not the writing that is the problem here, it is the writer.

That said, there is a lot going on with me right now, both in my internal and external worlds, so this may not get the attention that it is due immediately.  I will try to make time to keep forging ahead, but this week doesn’t look good for it.

I can haz May plzkthx?

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