Declaration of Intent

Because productivity works much better when you open your big mouth and other people can read it, and then call you on it if you try to slack off.  Not that I need people to keep me honest, but man, it sure does help.

Today, I start a new novel.  I will be done with said novel by July 1st, 2012.

That’s just under three months to write a novel, which for me would actually be long, but so is the novel.  I don’t plan plot, but I have this funny feeling that this story has a lot happening in it (and it will NOT have a sequel).  It will be longer than the previous challenge for this year for sure.

With back-of-the-napkin calculations, that’s 2.5k-3.5k words a day, every day, until then.  For me, that should be totally doable – when I’m in it, I can zip through scenes, and can be a very persistent writer.

Of course, that’s just writing time, when I want to start using yWriter to give myself feedback as I go.  Every night, it seems, I discover (or generally, am told) something new about it that is awesome and that could help.  I know I want to track scene length, POV, and probably one or two other things while I am writing, so that I don’t drift.  We’ll see how it works out, though.

Last time that I made this claim (January/February), there was a reward involved (a Kindle), and some helpful last-minute encouragement.  This time, no reward (except the book – the book is always the primary reward), so this could be more interesting.  No punishment for failure, either, except the shame that comes with it (and ritualistic seppuku).

So, we’ll see.  It’s a lot of time writing, a lot of words written, but it’s a story I want out.  I’ve started it, twice, and given up both times (I have no idea why I did the second time).  The third time will be a charm.

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