December Dvorak Dmonth (the ‘D’ is silent)

So, NaNo is over.  The feverish writing and word-slinging is done, at least for now.  Now, it’s time to prove to myself that I can stick to this writing (and nasty nasty editing thing) for more than just this month, that it could at least become a regular hobby.  In order to help my wrists (and put off editing!), I’ve dedicated December as Dvorak month, where in I try to get really good with a new keyboard layout.

The question is:  how?

I already know the layout, so it’s all down to practice.  I can type up lyrics, transcribe passages, or chat online all day, but that’s not why I’m learning it – I’m learning it to write.  Doesn’t it make at least a little sense to write some while doing it?

On the other hand, I’m burnt out on long stories.  I love them, but my mind is tired of having to not think about the entire plot (I’m a pantser, not a planner), so I am going to do short stories, little one-scene wonders that shouldn’t take me an hour or so to write.

The question becomes how much should I write.  I don’t want to do a word count goal, because that’s lame for short stories, and I want to focus on the words, not the numbers (not that I’ll be trying to get it right the first time – hell no I won’t, and stay tuned for why).  So I should set a goal as to a number of stories.

How about a dozen?  Twelve in twelve in dvorak.  The December Dvorak Dozen Dmonth.  However you make it sound awesome, I think that’s my goal.

I also want to focus on neglected aspects of my writing, things that have taken a back seat due to longer stories. Good characters are essential, plot is important, and twists and turns are fun, but what about the ability to evoke emotion?  To describe a scene?  To show feeling?  The prose may be a bit purple, but it’s a short story – that’s allowed.

So that’s my goal.  Twelve not-to-be-put-off short stories this month.  And I will start very promptly…next week.

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