Cosmam Plays Video Games – Baldur’s Gate Edition

The first step to playing any game is to figure out how you’re going to play the game.  For some games, like Doom, that’s pretty easy – the biggest question there is what drink you want while playing it.  For others, this can be rather tricky.

I’m currently playing a Neverwinter Nights multiplayer campaign with some friends, and it’s fun to get back into the D&D-but-it’s-a-vidja-game (DBIAVG?) genre.  It’s made we want to play something like it single player, with the small problem that the NWN base campaign is kind of meh.

Enter Baldur’s Gate, specifically the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

Now, I’ve played all of these except for the newly released DLC, but this was probably 15 or so years ago.  To say that I have forgotten a lot of it is an understatement, but I do remember some things, and will undoubtedly remember more as I start to play.  That made me somewhat hesitant to pick it up again, because nostalgia is only fun for so long, you know?

But I think I have a path forward that should make the game fun and new for me.  To wit:

  1. I’m going to play a different role than normal. I’ve played as a mage, a druid (shapeshifting!), and probably a sorcerer (sorcerer tends to be my default choice), but I’ve never played a melee character.  I’m probably going to go fighter -> mage dual class, because magic, but that tends to focus on buffing the melee abilities of your character more than tossing in fireballs while swinging an axe.  I’ve also never dual classed, or probably played a human.  This character build is pretty powerful, but don’t worry, I’m offsetting that
  2. I’m going to run with a few mods.  I don’t want to go mod-crazy, because I’ve not played that recently and anything very unstable annoys me, but one in particular that interests me is the Sword Coast Strategy mod.  It’s an AI overhaul that makes the enemies smarter and therefore deadlier.  A difficulty boost, but without just turning up the HP!
  3. I also may play with a slightly smaller party.  How true this is depends on how much of a boost the monsters get, but I am looking for something of a challenge, especially knowing this edition of D&D fairly well.  I wouldn’t go under 4, I don’t think, but I’ll probably try it with 4, at least 4 a while (maybe not 4ever).

That, I think, should give me a sufficiently new experience on an old classic to be worth the massive amount of time I’ll sink into it.  Also, the fact that I’ll get to use a fun kit (probably Berserker) should make it all the better!

I do have a more detailed character plan, and I miiiiiight decide to make another post on it, but we’ll see.  For now, on to modding and then character creation!

Edit:  The mod manager is no longer being maintained and modding is not as straightforward as I’d hoped it would be.  I think I’m just going to run on “Core” difficulty instead of “Normal” and call that good enough.  #lazy

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