Contentious Pseudo-Science

Today’s Wired articles have inspired me to create a list of what I consider contentious pseudo-science. That is, things that are hotly debated, sometimes with the guise of scientific reason, but with gaps in understanding or logic that present that argument as scientifically (though perhaps not philosophically) unsound.

A list:

  • Evolution/Creationism – duh. Perhaps the most obvious choice
  • Vaccination – Today’s wired article
  • The Moon Landing So many people disbelieve!
  • 9/11 – Conspiracy theories based on shoddy evidence
  • “Flat-Earthers” – apparently they still exist, sadly
  • “Physics is wrong” guy – I’ll find a link to this blog. It’s ridiculous
  • Time Cube – For the lulz
  • MSG – Not bad after all, really.


Eh, that’s enough of a list for now. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, and I welcome suggestions for more. I’ll probably do a couple of posts on the fallacies in these arguments at some point as well.
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