Character Monday: Zin

Is it jumping on the bandwagon if I’m only the third person to do so?  I prefer to think of it as being inspired, and if that is the case, I owe inspiration for this to Quix and Raq.

The idea is that, every Monday, we tell you about a character we are working with.  I am cheating just a bit, as my first character is not actually in the story I am working on, but the one I am about to start work on (again).  But, close enough, right?

Name: Zinnia, but everyone calls her Zin (like sin with a z)

Canon:  Blood Collector

Role:  POV Protagonist

Age: 22-ish (I don’t know exactly)

Appearance: Taller than average, though not absurdly so, medium build.  She has straight, brown hair that she wears down, and falling into her face whenever possible.  She has a scar running from her right temple, down her face and across her lips, and is incredibly self-conscious about it.

Occupation:  Blood Collector for the Fae Mafia, Wal-mart employee.

Background: Zin grew up in the suburbs of Boston with her father and sister (her mother passed away when she was rather young).  She was a happy, carefree child, full of energy and life.  That all changed when she was 19.  On the way back from a party in her friend’s car, both of them very drunk, they got into an accident.  She was given a choice:  die, or live indebted to an underworld of magic where she was little more than an errand-girl, collecting the blood of those about to die.  She chose the latter, but the accident left her scarred mentally and physically, and she has spent the last two years surviving.

Personality: Zin is withdrawn and sullen, the opposite of the girl she was before her accident.  Her personal life is chaotic, owing in part to her unwillingness to get close to anyone and in part to the shadowy double-life that she leads.  She is cynical and distant, and mostly tries just to get by.

Inciting Idea:  I got the idea for Zin from a dream I had (which is going to be the answer to a lot of these questions, I am afraid), in which I had her secondary occupation, that of collecting blood from those about to die.  I also wanted to write someone with a scar, but not in the cliche “it is a sign of how badass she is, or how evil” way, but in a more realistic way (i.e., she is self-conscious of it).  Wondering how she got it spun everything else out for me.

Conflict:  Zin’s life is conflict.  Mostly, she is conflicted with her normal life and her other life, torn between two worlds that can’t meet.

Trademark: Since it is a first person novel, I think her sarcasm and cynicism count. They color the story delightfully. The scar on her face is also a trademark.

Why you should want to read her story:
The double life that Zin leads is reflected in her internal attitudes – although she is gruff and cynical on the surface, the girl she used to be is still there, struggling to get out.  Hers is a story of transformation, just not always how you would think.

Plus, the events of the story involve magic, the Fae (basically the Fae mafia), and her trying to reconnect to her old life.  What’s not to like?!

Ask Zin:
And now!  You can ask Zin any question that you like.  I, as her, will answer whatever you like.

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