Character Monday – Sensei

In honor of the holiday (Memorial Day, for those that may not be American reading this), I am presenting one of my soldier characters.  Although he wasn’t killed in action, it’s the most appropriate that I can do.

Name: Sergeant James Peterson – Sensei

Canon:  Untitled SciFi Series (starting with Sensei’s Story), TUSOMD2

Role:  Main Character/Main Party Character

Age: 42

Appearance:  Sensei is tall and lean with a weathered appearance.  He is perpetually tan from working (and surviving) outside and has blue eyes like ice.  His right arm is metal/artificial all the way through his shoulder, though he keeps it covered whenever he can (artificial limbs are not unheard of in his time, though they are rather expensive and rare).

Occupation:  Drifter, Army Infantry (retired)

Background:  Sensei was orphaned when he was young and barely remembers his parents.  He grew up in an overworked orphanage, and spent most of his days in the library, as his guardians didn’t much care what he did as long as he wasn’t in trouble.  He was drafted when he came of age (16) and moved up quickly to being in charge of a squad due to his intelligence and natural leadership skills, but his tendency to question orders kept him from going further.  He stayed in the army until a training accident took his right arm.  It was during his recovery that his powers emerged.  Before the army could take him away, he escaped and has been on the run from the government ever since.

Personality:  Superficially, Sensei is wary and quiet, distrustful of everything around him, especially those he meets.  He is naturally curious and can be rather sarcastic.  His book-learning, natural leadership, and sarcasm earned him the moniker Sensei.  He prefers to run rather than fight, but will fight hard when his back is to the wall.

Inciting Idea:  I’d always been fascinated with the idea of telekinesis, and it was dreams surrounding this that lead to him.  The genesis of him as a character has been slow and there are still parts of writing him that I’m not sure on, but I have fun with it.

Conflict:  Externally, he has half the government after his for who he is.  Internally, his conflict is his separation from the world.  He has spent the last twenty years being as cut off from the world as possible, but he must choose between his safety (really, seclusion) and helping those around him.

Trademarks:  His metallic right arm and powers (telekinesis and teleportation) would do on their own.  When in combat, he tends to use piano wire to good effect.  He also has a love of motorcycles.

Why you should want to read his story:  It’s near-future SciFi of a dystopian future with awesome powers and gadgets.  What’s not to like.

Ask Sensei:
And now!  You can ask him any question that you like.  I, as him, will answer whatever you like.

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