Character Monday: Maria

It’s that time again, Character Monday!  In honor of the recent holiday, I am presenting one of my mother characters, and the one that is probably the most interesting.

I’ve made a few updates to the template that I use for this, and have gone back and added the information on last week’s entry.  There are a bunch of new things, probably the most interesting of which is the ability for you, my readers, to ask my character anything you want.  I’ll answer in the comments.  I also added my inciting idea for each character, as that might be interesting, and Canon (what work/works the character is in), Occupation (this can say a lot), and Conflict (all characters have conflict).

Without further ado, meet Maria!

Name: Maria Lutka

Canon:  Survivors

Role:  Main Character

Age: 46

Appearance: Maria is of average height and is a little heavier than she used to be, but that’s from having two kids and a stressful occupation.  She has brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin, and looks slightly Slavic.  More than anything, she looks compact, as if a larger, more energetic woman had been compressed to make her, and few who see her doubt her energy or ability to get things done.

Occupation:  ER Nurse

Background: Maria is from a small town in New Hampshire, raised by two pragmatic yankees who instilled in her her faith and sense of duty.  She attended nursing school in New York, overwhelmed by the big city.  It was there that she met her husband, and the two of them moved to Virginia to settle down and start a family.  Her life was mostly unremarkable for the next twenty or so years, filled with work, family, and her faith.  It was challenging for her, but rewarding.  When the aliens come and turn her world upside down, she is forced to confront herself and her faith to survive.

Personality: Maria is a very level-headed mother of two.  She is an excellent multi-tasker, and although over-worked and over-stressed, she does her best to find time for her children, husband, job, and herself.  She thinks well in a crises and is someone that her friends turn to her advice.  She is doggedly pragmatic (owing to her yankee heritage), and her faith is one of the most important things to her.  It holds her together through her trying times, and has been tested many times before.

Inciting Idea:  My inciting idea for her didn’t come until halfway through my first draft with her in it (it makes sense, just give me a minute).  Before then, she was just “ER Nurse/Vampire”, which is interesting but not really a character.  It was only when I discovered her family and her faith that she became fully fleshed out, and exploring how someone so committed to life and doing good would react to being turned has been really interesting.

Conflict:  Maria struggles with what she sees as the beast inside her, the vampirism that turns her into an animal thirsting for blood.  It doesn’t always rule her, though, and her old self tries to rationalize and cope with her new murderous lifestyle.

Trademarks:  Maria wears a cross, even as a vampire, and a lot of her internal struggle gets externalized in her treatment of and obsession with the cross.

Why you should want to read her story:
She’s a Catholic Vampire, and she struggles to make peace with both half of her life.  Her story also has aliens and zombies and superheroes.  I’m really not sure what else I could add to make it more awesome (note:  above list must be viewed from the POV of a twelve year old boy).

Ask Maria:
And now!  You can ask her any question that you like.  I, as her, will answer whatever you like.

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2 Responses to Character Monday: Maria

  1. racquelin says:

    I should do that! You are full of useful information.

    Re: Catholic vampires: Jeri Smith-Ready’s WVMP series. One of the mains is a Catholic vampire, and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

    Re: more awesome: unicorns. DUH.

    • cosmato says:

      You should do what, exactly?

      And I will have to remember to check that out before doing any more work on this story. I\’m happy to see where else this has been done, and what kind of exploration there was.

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