Character Monday – Gromnash

It’s that time again, Character Monday!  I thought that I should actually introduce someone from my current work.  I’m not ready to introduce the main character (Sarah) yet, but I will soon.

I did add one more category, Trademarks, where I list something distinctive and memorable about the character.  What this is will vary wildly from character to character, so expect this to be a rather broad category.  I updated both Maria and Zin’s posts to add it.

Instead, meet Gromnash!  He was one of my earliest characters, and therefore one of them that I know best.

Name: Gromnash

Canon:  Paragons (all), TUSOMD2

Role:  Main Party Character (both)

Age: Very old (appears to be middle aged)

Appearance:  Gromnash has a very inhuman appearance because, well, he is inhuman.  He’s short for a human male, just over five feet tall, with muscles like corded iron.  He has drab green skin the color of green olives.  His face combines the worst features of a pig and a man, and he has two large tusks growing up from his bottom lip.  His eyes glow a bright purple in darkness, and he moves with a silky grace, like a dancer.

Occupation:  Assassin (retired)

Background:  Gromnash grew up in a forgotten society deep underground.  The bastard son of a war chief, he was sold as a slave to a race that trained him to be an assassin.  Underground, life is harder and the dangers more acute than on the surface world, which shaped Gromnash’s mindset.  He was also taught to unlock his mental abilities; steel is not enough against the horrors beneath the Earth.  However, he gave up his old life when he realized he was being used as a pawn to kill those who didn’t deserve to die, fleeing to the surface world where he has been surviving ever since.

Personality:  Gromnash has a gruff, unyielding personality.  He growls more than he speaks, and doesn’t do either often.  He sees things starkly, but from a wildly different perspective than those around him thanks to his different upbringing.  He believes firmly in justice and independence, but doesn’t see power (or its use) as inherently bad (in his culture, power is the right to rule).  He tackles problems head on and doesn’t back down, even when he should.  He can be grating and sarcastic, and oftentimes doesn’t understand the social expectations or manners of the surface world (and when he does, he often doesn’t care).

Inciting Idea:  Gromnash is one of my oldest characters (in terms of real-world time – I have several that are older in canon), and one of the few that started outside of writing.  He was a character in a role-playing game first, me mixing classes and abilities and coming up with an interesting character based on it.  He transcended the game, though, and is a favorite of mine to write.

Conflict:  Gromnash’s conflict is between his upbringing (one of loneliness where he was taught to kill, in a place with danger around every corner) and his current reality (where he kills only for good, and in a society with alien rules and less danger).  He tries to overcome the values that he was raised with to adopt those that he strives for, to be good rather than destructive, but his entire worldview was shaped by the cutthroat society from whence he came.

Trademarks:  Gromnash has matched blades, Krin-Li and Krin-La.  They are the words for truth and death in the language of those who taught him his trade, and it is no accident that they are related.  He also has magic rope that is surprisingly handy, even if relatively unimpressive.

Why you should want to read his story:  Since he doesn’t have a story of his own, I’ll say why you should want to read the parts of the books that he features in.  Besides his gruff exterior, his heart is in the right place, but the conflict between societies is interesting, at least in my opinion.  He also figures prominently in the action sequences in the book,

Ask Gromnash:
And now!  You can ask him any question that you like.  I, as him, will answer whatever you like.

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