Character Mondays – Balazar

In order to prepare for July’s CampNaNo, I’m going to be doing all of my Character Mondays from that work (tentatively titled Blood Collector).  This is mostly terrifying, since I haven’t done much official character work on any of them, unless you count the most-of-a-first-draft that I wrote (my zeroth draft).

Today, meet an antagonist!  He’s not really a bad guy per se, but he makes Zin’s life hard, so he counts.  He’s the second character I’ve done for this, after the protagonist, Zin.

Name: Balazar

Canon:  Blood Collector

Role:  Antagonist

Age: In his 150s

Appearance:  Everything about Balazar is larger-than-life, even for a Fae.  He’s easily eight feet tall and almost as big around.  His voice, his presence, his appetites and his anger follows suit and the few that don’t fear him at least don’t underestimate him.  He’s light on his feet for such a large individual, and powerfully strong on the rare occasions that he does something

Occupation:  Mob Boss

Background:  Even when he was little (well, little-er), Balazar dreamed of the power that came with being a Mob Boss, the power that comes with being able to sign blood pacts.  He focused all of his considerable energies on that, and bought, bartered, tricked and killed his way to the top.  Since there, he has only grown his power, never being satisfied.

Personality:  Balazar is hot-tempered and condescending to an extreme.  He thinks himself better than those around him, and uses them without hesitation for his own schemes, mostly as a means to increasing his power and reach.  His moods change quickly, especially compared to humans, and most have learned to fear his fury.  That said, he does care about those around him, at least in a protective manner – others can’t mess with his property, and he will even more ruthlessly go after the competition.

Inciting Idea:  His inciting idea was a question of “with whom?”.  I started with Zin, and knowing that she had made a blood pact.  The question was, with whom, and what would that person be like.  He grew from there.

Conflict:  His lust for power is his driving force and biggest conflict.  His belief in his own superiority also mars his judgment; it doesn’t blind him completely, but it can fool him.

Trademarks:  His condescending laugh and attitude.  Probably his throne room, too, once I get that more detailed.

Why you should want to read his story:  Because he gets himself into big trouble, trouble that I can’t spell out without spoilers.

Ask Balazar:
And now!  You can ask him any question that you like.  I, as him, will answer whatever you like.

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