Box Done! (Better Late than Never)

So you remember that deadline that I gave myself, for getting the box that holds my mini-painting supplies done?  4/15/18?  Because I do, and the whooshing sound that it made as it flew by.

But all is not lost, because as of today, I have finished it!  Pictures first, and then thoughts!

A link to the google album with pictures!

And now, thoughts:

  1. Overall, I’m super happy with the fit of everything.  The whole thing is sized around those small bottles of paints, and their fit is snug but not tight.  I can remove them, but they don’t wiggle, which is exactly what I was going for
  2. On that note, the fit of the heights is good, too.  The tray sits on dividers that are partially inset into the bottom, and the top insets into the interior, and the fit is damn near perfect.  When closed, the tray doesn’t budge (what in it will, obviously).
  3. I need a better jig for my router table, or a bigger routing table, if I’m going to do an channel like the middle one again
  4. My dovetails are intentionally not all the same size, but the effect isn’t as exaggerated as I was going for, so next time I need to remember that.
  5. Table saws are amazing and I want one.
  6. I need more colors of stain.  I have…two, and one barely does anything.  Fortunately, this one turned out well, as I didn’t feel like running out for another when I started.

And that’s really enough 😛

My next project is basically upgrading my work space, so it’ll be boring and probably not shared, but I’ll probably be back next month with another Deadline of DOOOOOM!!

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