Bigger Plans

First, an update:  My current work is going well.  It’s currently just shy of 90k, and I should get there today.  It will have five parts (more or less distinct) – I am in the middle of part three, but have written part of 4 as well.  So it’s moving along, and even if I have to write a lot this month to get there, I should be able to.

Although, doing a little math and estimation, that puts the story coming in around 150k (not unreasonable for a first pass), but to get there, I’ll need to average around 4500 words per day for the rest of the month.  I guess I have a goal, at least 😛

Okay, but what do I want to do for the rest of the year, though?  I don’t usually do long-term goals, but this year is a long term goal for me.  It’s a year for me to prove to myself that I can take this seriously.  So, how do I prove that?

I know I have editing goals, ones that I will start working towards in March.  I am budgeting about three months where my main focus is editing on my 2011 NaNo, though I may do some light  writing during that time.  I also may not; I have other things not writing that I would like to do.

I might want to give editing what I am writing now a go come this fall, but we’ll have to see.  It depends on where I am with my other story, and how much merit that I think it has.

More than anything, though, I want to produce more this year (outside of NaNo).  Editing is nice, but if I only write for the first two months of the year and NaNo, and just edit the rest, I don’t think it will prove my ability to myself to sustain output.  So I want to write at least one, and possibly two more novels.

And this is where it gets trickier.  I can start my fantasy series (again (if I got 5 yard penalties for false starts on this, I am pretty sure I would be looking at first and laughable)), and that may be my first go.  It’s a complicated story that involves many threads, and it’s all gray area – there is plenty of conflict, but little obvious good or evil.

My other option is my superhero/alien story.  That one is even weirder for me, because there are many weaving threads and characters, and they’re all flawed (the book is really a character study in crazy).  It’s intimidating to have to know and write as that many people, and to have them interact, all the while they gain powers and go crazy.  (And I’m having inklings of thoughts that this one could work really well written with someone else, but I am trying to kick that thought in the nuts as much as possible – I haven’t the slightest clue how to work with other people).

So, those are my ideal scenarios, I guess.  Write 1-2 more books (plus NaNo), edit 1-2, at least a first-pass editing (still in depth).  Not a bad amount of output, if I do say so myself.  Now just to do it.

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5 Responses to Bigger Plans

  1. Rabbitastrophe says:

    Your plans look like they are good ones! Editing is time-consuming and tedious, so light writing during that period might be the way to go. Eventually I'll join the wagon of writers actually writing (so we can edit and we can play that drinking game!) but as of now, I'll let you have the spotlight 🙂 Which story do you enjoy writing the most? superhero/Alien (characterization is an awesome process, by the way), or the fantasy?

  2. cosmam says:

    I might also take a break from the editing by not writing at all. But I won't be trying a long work then.Hey, take your time and settle back in when you're ready. Writing is no fun when it is forced.I'm honestly not sure. Both are fun worlds. One is more in depth (the alien one), but the other has a much bigger world and more to explore. Maybe I'll just flip a coin ^_^

  3. Rabbitastrophe says:

    As long as you can change your mind/task of the moment! When I spent 2 weeks editing a term paper last semester I really wanted to bang my head in the wall, haha. I am, I am! Eventually, an event/situation will spark a fire and I'll be off writing, just not now. Hey, flipping a coin is how I chose my Nano last year.

  4. Raquelin says:

    You know what I'm going to say: write both.Yeah, I'm useless, I know.(DRANKIN' GAME.)

  5. cosmam says:

    Useless? Not quite. But I'm way too afraid I will take your advice (I have thought about it).

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