Baker’s Dozen of Random Writerly Facts

So, I recently read an entry by a writer friend of mine with random facts about myself.  I’ve always been bad about random things in general, and the purpose of this blog seems more to be talking about my writing than my life in general, so I think I’ll just list some random writerly facts.

Because I’m lazy, they’re bullet points, but I’ll let them be numbered.

  1. I only started to write prose relatively recently (at least for most writers I know), during college, probably my sophomore year (so 2004 or 2005).
  2. However, I didn’t move to long-form prose (anything more than 1.5k, in other words) until late 2007, and writing didn’t really click for me until November 2009 (until then, my longest story was under 15k, and horrible)
  3. Since then, I have written around 1.5 million words of original fiction (possibly more – I don’t track it very carefully at all).*
  4. That means that I have averaged over 50,000 words a month since then, though there have been many months that I haven’t written.
  5. The turning point was becoming a Municipal Liason for NaNoWriMo, even if I think I technically didn’t qualify as I had never won NaNo. (In the first few days of that competition, I wrote more words of original prose than I had written my entire life until that point)
  6. I type in Dvorak now, after wrist pain lasting months after NaNo ’10 (and that dogged me during it).  It was quick to learn, and I am almost to my old typing speed, but without the pain.  I still use Qwerty at work, but have to switch if I am writing anything longer than a sentence.
  7. When typing at a decent pace but still correcting typoes, I type 70-80 wpm (measured as 5 chars is a word, not using word count software).  I am above average, but not insanely fast, in other words.
  8. My one-day record word count is 50,092 words.  My one-month record is 328,823.
  9. I have, to date, completed one series (of 2-4 books, depending on how I divide them), one other novel, and am very nearly done with another.
  10. I have started three other novels, two of them twice.  One will never be written – its story was merged into another.  The other two I may try to get to this year.
  11. This year I am seeing if I can take writing seriously enough to pursue it as a career.  The thought terrifies me, and I haven’t even gotten to figuring out if I am good enough for it.
  12. I have only edited one of my novels, ever.  In March I start my second, and more serious, effort on editing.
  13. Unless I know the music well enough for it to be background, I can’t write to music with (English) words.  Classical, solo piano, techno, synth, and nerd speed metal are all favorites.
*What I know:  The Nexus Series (450k), TUSOMD 1 (200k), TUSOMD 2 (240k), Sensei’s Story 1 (130k currently), Survivors (2 50k starts), Bloodlines – The Last Free Dragon (2 50k starts)
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