August Retrospective

So August was my second legitimate attempt at Camp NaNo.  I actually don’t even remember what day I won, but I did, crossing 50k about mid month.  I wrote a little after that, but not much, even though I had had big goals of finishing the book before the month started.

Needless to say, that still hasn’t happened.

I’m more than 70k into it, maybe closing in on 75k.  It’s not the world’s longest book, or at least not going to be hugely long for one of mine, so another 50k would probably round me out pretty well.

I’m not disappointed in what I wrote, because writing a NaNo’s worth of work in a month is hard.  I fell short of my goal, but my goal was lofty to start with, and there were mid-month distractions, like getting a kitten.

But that also puts this novel into new and dangerous territory.  I started this near the beginning of June, so three months ago now.  I’ve never spent more than three months writing the first draft of a novel.  I’ve almost lost the thread a few times thus far, and am in danger of doing so again.  I really like the story, and don’t want to lose it, certainly not like that.

This writing over a long period of time is strange to me, and I don’t know how well it fits.  I’m always in such danger of losing the thread, and that’s the only thing to pull me forward.  Most of my stories come out in one big rush, but that’s harder to fit into a busy schedule.  But I like that they are written in a small time frame – it means that I haven’t changed a lot as a writer in that time, and that my approach to the story hasn’t changed.  It keeps the story more uniform, even if not always good (but first drafts suck almost without exception).

So this month I’m going to try to finish my book.  I’ll be nagging in the general direction of at least one other person that needs to write, but that will probably be the extent of my organization.  If you want motivation, I’ll try to supply it, but I’m flagging on it myself.

So all in all, August gets a resounding “not bad, but do better”.

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